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Elite Supplements Australia

Who is ESA?

Elite Supplements Australia is a Melbourne based company providing the highest quality of nutritional supplements to our customers and our partners

After years of searching the market for quality supplements to recommend to our clients and athletes we decided to create our own performance nutrition company. Our objective is to provide the BEST quality products at a competitive price for Elite results to be achieved.


Kieran Fitzgerald

Kieran has strived to provide exceptional personal training to his cliental for over 10 years.

He has built extensive knowledge and understands the importance of high quality nutritional supplements.

Kieran is currently working with Rebel Rugby in Melbourne as a Strength and Conditioning Custodian. He runs his own personal training business, with an emphasis on adventure training and international group expeditions to places such as Mount Kilimanjaro, The Himalayas, and the Sumatran volcanoes.

Kieran’s uncompromising dedication to training, nutrition, and the entire fitness industry, has propelled him to extend this enthusiasm in being part of a brand that provides elite products to genuinely support the industry to get results.

Qualifications and Associations:

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Nutrition
  • Masters in Strength and Conditioning
  • Numerous consultations with both professional and semi professional sporting clubs on nutrition and training
  • Preparing training and nutritional programs for teams completing various world wide expeditions
  • Mountain Guide (American Mountain Guides Association)

Aaron Scarborough

Aaron’s life has revolved around the health and fitness industry for over 10 years.

Having worked as a personal trainer and strength and condition coach for individuals and sports clubs, Aaron has built a repertoire of knowledge and experience. He is a registered sports nutrition specialist with the world renowned International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

Aaron has enjoyed training and competing in Muay Thai, rugby union, strongman, and powerlifting. He has a passion for sports training and nutrition and still currently competes in Strongman and raw powerlifting events. He continues to use this personal experience, combined with his professional knowledge to train people from all walks of life, for individual achievement as well as for competition in various sports.

Associations and programs:

  • Strength Coach
  • ISSN Sports nutrition specialist
  • Member and Body Recomposition Specialist for Recomp Australia
  • Member of Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC)
  • Member of Federation of Australian Strength Competitors (FASC)
  • Nutritional specialist to community clubs, developing training and nutrition for athletes of varying ages, ability and experience
  • Developed and implemented various training curriculum for body recomposition and performance programs for gyms and private training facilities.

So you guys have been doing this for a while, I see.

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